What is your age?
I was born on tax day 1991.  I’ll let you do the math.
How many subs have you collared?
That’s for me to know and you to wonder – however I WILL say I have had 5 long term subs for longer than 7 years and my collared number is very close to 20
Whats your favorite way to receive tributes?
The answer will always be cash or direct monetary tributes.  Gift cards and store credit will always come second to that.
What's your favorite fetish?
financial domination.  But you knew that already.
When did you start doing Financial Domination and Pro Domination?
Is Jezebel your name?
As of 2015, it is legally my name, yes.
How do I become your slave?
If you don’t know already , I don’t want you.
Can I serve if I'm not rich?
Yes. There’s options for subs of all monetary backgrounds – but you will be required to tribute, no matter where you stand.