Laity members are subs who are lowest in the clergy hierarchy. This is the most common membership level for the Temple. Laity members are required to listen to sermons, attend ALL online Midnight Mass functions which are approximately done 2 – 3 times a year, conduct proper fasting rituals when required and celebrate all TOJ Holy days.

Temple of Jezebel altar boys are the ones responsible for providing any service required during sermons and midnight masses. They are also responsible for providing any items necessary for the functions put on by the temple. Some of the services required involve small blood sacrifice, nude body offerings, sharing and drinking the golden nectar of the Goddess, prepping temple items and assisting the scholars, missionaries and high priests.

Temple of Jezebel scholars are specialists in all the teachings of the Temple. Their distinguished academic area of study is all branches of the teachings, gospel and HIERARCHY of the Temple. Scholars will educate themselves and learn the proceedings of each and every ritual and sermon of the Temple. The minimum time of study before being considered for a higher position in the Temple Hierarchy is 8 months. Scholars will learn EVERYTHING from the Temple teachings by heart before they are deemed ready for the position of missionary.

Temple of Jezebel Missionaries are on beck and call of the Goddess.  Once awarded the title of being a TOJ Missionary, you will be required to spread the word. Missionaries will be sent out into the online AND real world to recruit members for the Temple. All Missionaries will be required to bring a minimum of two new people into the temple. Missionaries will learn to live and breathe the teachings of the Temple – it will become their one true love in life. Subs in this position must live by the teachings as a Missionary for a minimum of 1 year before being deemed ready for priesthood.

High priests of the Temple of Jezebel are the highest ordained clergy members. The only sub who has reached high priesthood is *REDACTED*  who studied the teachings of the temple for over 4 years before achieving his position. High priests assist me directly IN PERSON during any Temple functions including midnight mass, sermons, temple service and Holy days. They are the highest vessels of knowledge in the temple apart from the Goddess herself. All other members of the clergy look up to any sub in this position in hopes of becoming someone of his stature in the eyes of the Goddess.

Goddess Jezebel, guide and teach me so that I may thrive under your command. Your will is absolute and i will obey and cherish you for only in your servitude may I find my place in this world.