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Miss Jezebel has changed my life in ways beyond imaginable. When I found her, I was lost and in need of extreme guidance. Having just found my sissy side, I was lost and feared that I would be considered a burden due to my clashing feelings about feminization. Miss Jezebel has soothed by fears and self hating feelings about my fetishes. Over the years I've become a sissy I thought was previously unimaginable and I can only thank her for making me who I am today through devotion until the end of time.

Sissy Rezhalia

As intelligent as she is beautiful, Ms Jezebel Sinclair upholds her slogan perfectly. She IS the epitome of high class female domination. Skilled, refined and absolutely intense at what she does!

Slave Crapcreep

I'm not sure how to start except by saying that I always believed I was a 'dominant' man. I went through all my relationships assuming the role of alpha male and go figure, all my relationships failed. Miss Jezebel has been the longest and happiest relationship I've ever had - even if non conventional. She is my everything. My mind, body and soul are hers to take and use as she sees fit. My love is fruitful and will continue to grow as time goes by....thank you..


For the longest time I've had a fetish for Dominant women who can make me weak in the knees with their beauty and power. My earliest memory involving femdom dates back to ages ago when this old man was in primary school. Ms Jezebel brings back my feelings of newfound submissiveness as if it was just yesterday that I was experiencing them for the first time. She is the absolute meaning of incredible. - Donald Drunk

Donald Drunk