Words of Worship

My life is dedicated to filling her needs and seeing that her will is done. I live to serve and I have never been happier than when my Mistress assumed command over me. Serving such a Goddess gives my life meaning and value and helps me find out who I truly am and where my place is. I could think of no greater honor than kneeling at her feet and bowing my head in servitude. 

i have met Mistress Jezebel a few months ago and Her compelling Beauty and Intelligence have enthralled me. Everyday i turn to Her, pray to Her, and do my tasks fervently. She has given my life purpose and direction. She gives me everything I need. In a few days, i will be Officially Collared and sign Her contract. i will then live for Her as She will be my Superior, my mind, my body and my soul owner… She already is my Ruler and Her Will is absolute. Her Word is Law.Goddess is PERFECTION and i worship Her existence. 

A sissy girl struggling with my image & appearence my whole life Mistress Jezebel guided me along her path and showed me the meaning to being a true girly. From how to properly rub my clitty, down to how to dress. The day i went shopping for my first maid outfit i cried becus i had always wanted to feel like a girly under someones control and Miss Jezebel always makes me feel like a true girly. something no other mistresses have ever been able to do. 

My journey to Miss Jezebel was very different than my previous ones to other dommes. I had been lost and looking for years since my last mistress..7 years to be exact. I came across her collarme profile and lurked her for a few weeks before finally getting the balls to fill out her application. Although young, she seemed experienced and I coouldnt pull away from her profile. I was drawn to it and lurked it almost daily and visited her site. I sent her giftcards and bought her anonymous gifts constantly until I finally told her it had been me. She put me under consideration for what I felt was like years and when she finallyu accepted me into her service I was overjoyed and felt happier than I could remember in the past 7 years. She changed my life for the good and still continues to do so on the daily.. 

Mistress Jezebel completely changed the meaning of my life. From the moment I joined her temple it was as if I had found the meaning I had been looking for my whole life. I dropped my old life and found a new reason to live – For her. Words can’t explain how much I thank her daily for allowing me to serve such a superior being. 

My relatonship with my Goddess is first and foremost for HER. I serve her financially and I’ve been in chastity a few months now. It’s a different experience but not one I would trade for the world. my whole world was flipped upside down the moment I fist locked my dicklet up for her. I wish I would have done it sooner. Her dominance over me is astounding. 

Miss Jezebel means everything to me. Her happiness is the source of my happiness and ever since I met this wonderful being there hasn’t been a moment in my life in which I did not think of how I could make her life more comfortable. She has ways to get into my head particularly by using her feet. Being in the presence of her feet is an unparalleled experience that I wouldn;t change for the world. She’s brought stability and comfort to my life as well as the pleasure of letting me know that my fetishes are appreciated by her. I can only thank her for making me feel more comfortable with both her and myself. 

Just beholding Mistress Jezebel’s great beauty alone it is of course immediately obvious to an unremarkable beta male such as myself that she belongs to a different and superior class. She would find it laughable if one such as myself approached her in a social setting with the idea that I could impress her as a potential date. Immediately those beautiful brown eyes would assess me as a lowly specimen entirely unworthy of her attention. For this is not the way for one such as I to approach such greatness.